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Day 1: Basic Header + Navigation Bar

Built out a basic header and navigational menu. Though my progress has been very slow, I notice that the concepts are easier to understand. Maybe it's also because I've been going over the basics repeatedly. I'll keep the development as incremental as possible so that the progresses is easy to follow and also so that I don't get overwhelmed.

Resources used today:


Day 2: Got lost with PHP

Tried to add some PHP so that my header can be recurring but got lost in the process. I will stick to basic HTML for now and build up complexity from there. My primary goals for now are:

  1. Code every single day - even if just a little.
  2. Familiarize myself with the web development process.
  3. Familiarize myself with the structures and syntax.
As with anything, trying to progress too fast (and too fast is different for everyone) can actually hold us back.

Day 3: Adding a Sidebar

Found two very good resources that helped me make the sidebar:


Adding Page Anchors